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Category: ART (19 records) August 14-15 Hybrid Estate Sale off Lyon's Bend: Online Auction + Tag Sale - Friday & Saturday, August 14-15, by Appointment. Anyone can get an Appointment using the Scheduler on our home website.
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23.1t.jpgReproduction Map of the World in 1628. It has a wooden frame with a recessed metal map. It also has names of famous explorers on the outside of the map. 43" wide x 35" tall.       10.00
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38.1t.jpgBeautiful Robert Tino Print of a little waterfall and mountain stream. Double matted and housed in a pretty gold wood frame. 17" x 32" 1 5721 12.00 14.00
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42.1t.jpgPretty Original Painting of Weeds in a sand dune. Appears to be a mix of watercolors and pastels. Signature appears to read Allan on the bottom right. Double matted and housed in a mahogany frame. 22" x 29"       10.00
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67.1t.jpgSigned & Framed Original Watercolor of a Forest Scene with a Pretty Bridge and Stream. Signed Ralene Dieckmann. Single matted & housed in a wood frame with gold inner edging. The painting is in good condition, though the matte has a little foxing. 17" x 22"       10.00
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68.1t.jpgSigned & Framed Original Pastel of a Pastoral Scene with a Bridge. Signed bottom right, we have a hard time reading it seems like Cindy Nickel. Single matted in a white wooden frame. 17" x 21". Good overall condition.       10.00
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69.1t.jpgDelightful Antique Engraving of a Young Girl with a Bird Cage. Housed in an antique frame with a woven cane pattern on the edge. 13" x 22". Engraving is signed Marcos 1883. Appears to be a little faded and the frame is missing a small piece on the top.       10.00
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70.1t.jpgSigned & Framed Original Water Color by a Local Sequoyah Hills Artist, Laura Stewart. The piece depicts a hat stand in New Orleans. It is housed in a silver metal frame. 25" x 33". Overall good condition.       10.00
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71.1t.jpgSigned & Framed Print Entitled Christmas Snow Depicting a Church with Horse and buggies out front. It is signed Arnold McDowell bottom right. Triple matted and housed in a gilt wood frame. Print and mat are in very good condition. There is flaking on the frame. 24" x 26". 1 5721 15.00 17.00
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72.1t.jpgAntique Signed Watercolor of Roses. Signed by Carrie Wilson bottom right. It is housed in a painted wood frame with lots of paint flaking off. 15" x 21".       10.00
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73.1t.jpgAdorable Vintage Signed and Framed Print of a boy and dog. Entitled 'Sympathy' by J Knowles Hare. Single matted and housed in a mahogany wood frame. 13" x 16". In good overall condition.       10.00
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74.1t.jpgOriginal Acrylic Painting by Francisco Di Santa's. Triple matted in a silver metal frame. The artwork is unsigned though it has attribution on a card on the back. 16" x 18".       10.00
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75.1t.jpgSigned Original Oil Painting of a Swamp Scene under Moonlight. Signed Primeaux bottom right and housed in a mahogany frame with a cloth inner boarder. 21" x 25". In very good condition. 3 4169 14.00 16.00
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76.1t.jpgCharming Colored Antique Print of a Young Boy with a Farm Basket Full of Vegetables. Housed in an antique frame with 1930's newspapers on the back. 19" x 24" overall. Print looks good though lots of chips on the frame.       10.00
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77.1t.jpgSigned & Framed Original Watercolor titled "Leaf Symphony" by Knoxville Artist Carol C. Roger. Single Matted in a silver metal frame. In very good overall condition. It is not signed though there is attribution on the back from a tag from the Art Market in Knoxville where it was originally $200. 1 6702 10.00 12.00
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78.1t.jpgOriginal 1972 Festival Poster from the Viking Booster Club in Bristol, Tennessee. The festival featured Fred's play land. The date is written in pen on the top left. It is unframed and in good condition, except for a few rough patches on the sides. The back is covered with many hand written notes to someone named Chris. Great local history piece from Bristol! 1 5721 10.00 12.00
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79.1t.jpgPatriotic Original Drawing of Four Children with musical instruments marching. Signed bottom left by Jacqueline. Single matted and housed in silver metal frame that has a few dings. 18" x 13". 1 7701 10.00 12.00
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81.1t.jpgBrightly Colored Original Painting on paper from Mexico showing two birds and a tree with a creative horse. Unframed in very good condition. 19" x 29".       10.00
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90.1t.jpgFramed Artwork of a Rooster made entirely of beans. As Forest Gump would say, 'That's all I have to say about that.' 21" x 24". 1 5721 10.00 12.00
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103.1t.jpgOriginal Baby Picture by Bessie Pease Cutmann in what looks like the original wood frame. A bit dusty though very good condition. 15.5" x 20"       10.00
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