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Category: COLLECTIBLES (40 records) August 14-15 Hybrid Estate Sale off Lyon's Bend: Online Auction + Tag Sale - Friday & Saturday, August 14-15, by Appointment. Anyone can get an Appointment using the Scheduler on our home website.
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28.1t.jpgWell made Balsa Wood Model of an American B24 Liberator Bomber Plane with four engines and lots of gun turrets. 49" wing span and 28" long. Already has strings for hanging. 2 5728 20.00 22.00
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29.1t.jpgAnother Well Made Balsa Wood American Bomber with four engines and a 45" wing span and 35" long. It is also in very good condition though a few slits in the paper. Already has strings for hanging. 1 3914 10.00 12.00
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30.1t.jpgAirplane Alarm Clock by Sarsaparilla. It is cast aluminum with wings on the side and two propellers. 13.5" wide and about 4" deep.        
Sold via BuyNow to bidder 2229
40.1t.jpgLot of 4 Vintage Dolls they range in size from 8" to 12". They are all in good condition. 1 7875 10.00 12.00
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50.1t.jpgPair of American Calobar Aviator Sunglasses with case. The frames are marked Fulvue and gold filled. In very good condition. 2 1515 12.00 14.00
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61.1t.jpgAdorable Vintage McCoy Doggy Cookie Jar. He is 10" tall in very good condition with no chips or cracks and a clear mark on the bottom. 3 5721 16.00 18.00
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63.1t.jpgGreat Big Lot of Amberina and Red Molded Glass from the 60's and 70's. Includes water and wine goblets that look like a Fostoria pattern, plus two red candlesticks, and a red cookie jar. The Amberina includes footed cake stand, large serving bowl, compote and a wine glass. 1 2533 10.00 12.00
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64.1t.jpgSet of Molded Green Drinking Glasses from the 60's and 70's. Probably a Fostoria pattern. 8 each of red and white wine stems, plus 7 water goblets. 1 5728 12.00 14.00
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65.1t.jpgReally Great Lot of Mid-Century Ceramics including Matching Ashtray and Pot plus White and Unicorn-themed Ashtrays. The two black and white pieces are by Kenwood. The long white one is by Royal Haeger. The Unicorn ashtray is marked USA-123       10.00
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66.1t.jpgVintage Wind up Clown in Working condition. He winds up on the right side and when you let him go his cane spins and his head rocks side to side. He is marked made in Japan on his shoes. About 10" tall. 3 1515 22.00 24.00
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82.1t.jpgBullseye Pinball Game by Marxs Toys. In good operating condition. It has a metal back and plastic cover with no chips or breaks. The spring loaded ball shooter is in good working condition. If you hit the highest score you ring the bell. The black ball counts double! Will had a blast 'testing' this item. 1 7820 10.00 12.00
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83.1t.jpgFun Lot of Vintage Car Items including the 1941 Packard Owner's manual and several Packard parts list catalogs. A 1951 Chevrolet Manual and a 1993 Nissan 300ZX Promotional pamphlet are included, too.       10.00
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88.1t.jpgA Clinchfield Railroad Company time table #26 from 1947 and a Conductors Car Report with signatures on the front from a C.C. Royston.       10.00
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84.1t.jpgRemarkable Lot of historical Items from Bearden High School dating to the 1970's including 1973 and 1974 Annuals. Several report cards, graduation announcements, several issues of the student newspaper. There is also a photo of the 1968 5th grade class of Bearden Elementary.       10.00
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85.1t.jpgAnother Great Lot of Knoxville and East Tennessee Collectibles ranging from an April 25th Guide to the Worlds Fair from the News Sentinel; A flyer and ribbons from TVA&I Fair from 1969, including 2nd place for cookies; A lot of photos from Phi Delta Gamma; Kings of Judah Flyer; UT Student Guide from 1966; UT Folder and tablet; 1980 commencement; Knoxville map and postal zip code directory; Foxey Lady Bumper Sticker; Knoxville Tourism pamphlet, and some additional treasures from upper East Tennessee including an awesome 1966 phone directory.       10.00
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86.1t.jpg1976, 1977, & 1978 UT "Volunteer" Annuals in very good condition. 1 7501 10.00 12.00
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89.1t.jpgSuper Retro Ceramic Hanging Wall Pear Vase from Royal Haeger mounted on a metal wall hook. In very good condition, about 14" long altogether.       10.00
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92.1t.jpgLot of Three Vintage Children's Toys including a Baby Doll Stroller, Baby Doll bed, and Baby Doll highchair. Did I mention this lot is a baby doll theme. 1 7875 10.00 12.00
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104.1t.jpgHalf Yard Photo from Shepard Air Force Base in 1948 of Flight 73 Squadron 3761. The top line shows several of the officers and images of planes. The photo had creases before framed, though presents well. In a black metal frame 10" x 20'       10.00
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105.1t.jpgTrio of Precious Kids Vintage Furniture Items. Including a rocker with a wee lamb on the rail, a crib with baby doll included, a table and two chairs painted yellow. 1 1127 10.00 12.00
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107.1t.jpgNice PAIR of Antique Andirons with Grate. In excellent condition. They stand 18" tall x 18" deep. 1 7432 10.00 12.00
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108.1t.jpgBud Dry Neon Sign in good working condition. 28" long x 9" tall. Can hang horizonally also. 1 6702 10.00 12.00
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113.1t.jpgRailroad Conductors Lantern from the Delta Electric Company of Marion, Indiana. Has a good battery and powers on. 2 7396 40.00 45.00
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114.1t.jpgLot of Disney items including a 1940 Jiminy Cricket Wooden Puzzle and two Disney Comic Books.       10.00
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215.1t.jpgC1 Vintage Metal Powder Flask marked Hawksley Sheffield 7 6496 50.00 55.00
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225.1t.jpgC10 Very unusual antique razor strop. Sharpens razor blades by inserting a blade into hidden slot and release a hidden handle to crank the strop/stone. Original case and instruction (though rough) are included.       10.00
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226.1t.jpgC11 Antique Ever Ready Razor with extra razors and carry case.        
Sold via BuyNow to bidder 2209
227.1t.jpgC12 Lot of Transportation Token including Knoxville and Princeton Power Railway       10.00
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228.1t.jpgC13 Vintage Zippo lighter in original box with papers advertising Wynn's auto parts       10.00
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229.1t.jpgC 14 Oak Ridge coin Celebrating 25th Anniversary Birthplace of Atomic Energy 1 2465 10.00 12.00
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230.1t.jpgC15 Vintage Evans Cigarette Case with built in lighter. Unused but some handling marks 2 7337 20.00 22.00
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231.1t.jpgC16 Vintage Elgin Deco Style Cigarette Case Inscribed with the name Peggy       10.00
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232.1t.jpgC17 Lot of two very old well used but interesting lighters. One is a Ronson by AHT Metalworks table lighter and the the other is an Even Windproof lighter with movable windscreen.       10.00
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233.1t.jpgC18 Vintage Folk Art Tobacco pipe hand carved with two man's heads.       10.00
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234.1t.jpgC19 Modern Flameless lighter by Colibri. Uses butane. New in box. A quality lighter new in box. 1 7432 10.00 12.00
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235.1t.jpgC21 Set of 4 Elephants that appear to be carved in bone or similar material. 1 6667 10.00 12.00
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236.1t.jpgC22 Beautiful Vintage Red Fountain Pen by Schaeffers 1 1595 10.00 12.00
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237.1t.jpgC23 Very Nice Vintage Fountain Pen by Schaeffers with piston refill 14k nib 1 7337 10.00 12.00
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238.1t.jpgC24 Lot of two Vintage pens by Schaeffers. One with 14k nib and one with refillable syphon spout 1 1595 10.00 12.00
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239.1t.jpgC25 Vintage Leather Rifle Sling. Has a large Deer on the shoulder pad and includes a set of quick fit lug adapters.        
Sold via BuyNow to bidder 7420

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