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Category: COSTUME JEWELRY (23 records) Oct 24-25 Hybrid Estate Sale in South Knoxville: Online Auction + Tag Sale
- AUCTION CLOSES SATURDAY, Oct 24th Starting 7 PM. Pickup is Sunday, Oct 25th. Preview and Pickup by Appointment
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214.1t.jpgCJ1 Huge Multi-pound Lot of Costume Jewelry made mostly of Pearl and Crystal Strands. There are many dozens of complete necklaces here and most are in good condition, still complete. Cut them up or use/wear as is. Tons! (2 gallon bags) 8 7396 75.00 80.00
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215.1t.jpgCJ2 Massive Hoard of Pink Costume Jewelry and Beads! The Tray on the left in photos has dozens of finished Bracelets, Necklaces, earrings etc. in good condition while the tray on the right has some finished pieces and tons of different beads. The basket in Center is 2-3 Dozen Pairs of vintage Clip Earrings. some may be signed, too. Great stuff again...and LOTS of it! (1 very full gallon bag.) 2 7396 16.00 18.00
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216.1t.jpgCJ3 Lot of 50+ Costume Jewelry Bracelets, all complete and in good condition. Some great designs here; some are stretchy and some have clasps etc. Super variety of style and color! 2 7396 18.00 20.00
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217.1t.jpgCJ4 Several Pounds of Black & White Beads, Jewelry Pieces, Buckles etc., PLUS a heap of pretty gold and silver tone Chains. This lot contains approximately half finished pieces in good shape and half parts and pieces. Many, Many total pieces! (1 full gallon bag) 1 1809 10.00 12.00
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218.1t.jpgCJ5 Lot of mostly Gold Tone Costume Jewelry including at least a dozen Rings; Watches including a Seiko; several pairs of Cufflinks; some necklaces and bracelets, and lots of earrings, though we aren't sure how many have matches. Lots to wear and create here! 2 1809 16.00 18.00
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219.1t.jpgCJ6 Lot of Leaf Themed Pins with a few other leafy oddities in the mix. A few are signed; almost all are in good condition. At least 50 pieces! 1 1809 10.00 12.00
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220.1t.jpgCJ7 Massive Lot of Blue and Purple Costume Jewelry, Beads and Parts & Pieces. There are several intact Necklaces, Bracelets, Pins and Earring pairs, and tons of Beads in all sizes and materials. (2 freezer bags) 3 7396 18.00 20.00
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221.1t.jpgCJ8 Beader Paradise Lot with the contents of many small sorting bins and a huge variety in color, size and material from metal, glass, plastic, wood etc. Get busy Stringin'! 1 7396 10.00 12.00
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222.1t.jpgCJ9 Lot of 50+ Creature Pins with some Christmas in the mix and a few assorted parts and pieces with lots of sparkly and bling. Most of the pins are complete and in pretty good shape. Fun! Will likes the Frog on the leaf! 2 7915 12.00 14.00
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223.1t.jpgCJ10 Another 50-ish Gold & Silver Tone Pins with many Cats, Stars, Snowflakes and other interesting pieces. Again most of the pins are complete and in pretty good shape! 1 7915 10.00 12.00
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224.1t.jpgC11 Lot of Cameo Jewelry including a couple Carved Shell; some agate Doublet, a porcelain one that looks like Wedgwood, plus some plastic etc. Also one big ornate oval frame, maybe from a dresser mirror. 7 7396 80.00 85.00
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126  C12 Huge Lot of NEW Costume Jewelry and Beads, almost all still in Packages! Includes 'Bling Stickers'; 6 Sparkly seasonal Tiaras, several packs of Beads new in package; several new cloth Flowers and a bin full of colorful beads. 1 2903 10.00 12.00
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225.1t.jpgCJ13 3 Tray Lot of Pink and White jewelry and Beads. There are many many Complete Necklaces on the side trays while the center tray is almost alllll loose beads. Tons of Pieces here! (2 big bags) 1 1809 10.00 12.00
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226.1t.jpgCJ14 Steampunk Madness Lots, with countless parts and pieces from a myriad of dis-assembled jewelry pieces. Let your OCD run wild while you try to match earrings and put other pieces back together, or let your imagination lead you to create some fabulous new creations. Either way, this is fun in ziplock! 1 3173 10.00 12.00
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227.1t.jpgCJ15 Rhinestone Cowboy and Cowgirl lot! Dozens of finished pieces of Rhinestone Jewelry (in more than one color) with lots of parts and pieces, too. The most sparkle for your buck! 2 1809 12.00 14.00
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228.1t.jpgCJ16 Pounds of Parts and Pieces Lot. (A good companion to Steampunk Madness above.) A true vast menagerie of colors, styles, shapes and materials. There are some wearable, finished pieces here, but mostly it's all waiting for you to create some fabulous works! (2 big bags) 1 3173 10.00 12.00
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229.1t.jpgCJ17 Over the Rainbow Lot with a great spread of Colored Bead Necklaces, almost all in wearable shape, with Bracelets, Buckles and assorted parts and pieces under it all. Good Vintage-y Stuff in here. Jeanne says it's 'Pretty pretty!' (2 big bags) 1 3173 10.00 12.00
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230.1t.jpgCJ18 Gold-Toned Goodness Lot! This one has many many nice gold tone necklaces in good shape, plus a bunch of beaded ones, and a healthy dose of parts and pieces thrown in for good measure. Plenty to wear and play with! 2 4748 15.00 17.00
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231.1t.jpgC19 Autumn Tones Lot with many nice Necklaces, Bracelets and several Christmas themed Pins, plus a bunch of Earrings which likely includes many pairs for the industrious sorter! One Awesome metal mesh Belt in here, too. 1 1809 10.00 12.00
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232.1t.jpgC20 Crystal Blue Persuasion Lot, again with MANY Necklaces and Bracelets in good condition, plus some Pins and Earrings. Blue and Purple and Ambers. And there's some parts and pieces, too, of course. 1 7460 10.00 12.00
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233.1t.jpgC21 Green, Pink, Amber, Brown lot, or Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving Lot, or it's getting late Lot! Whatever the name, it's big hoard of great Necklaces with wealth of beads on and around them. We had fun setting this one out; good stuff here. (2 big bags) 1 1809 10.00 12.00
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234.1t.jpgC22 Wow that's a lot of Pieces Lot! 3 Trays full of Pins, Pendants, Earrings, Beads, Crosses, Blingy metal, Glass, Stone and other things to create with. Lots of pieces are still in good shape; lots are missing stones; some were made to be parts of other stuff to begin with. Pounds of fun! 1 7915 10.00 12.00
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235.1t.jpgC23 End of the Day Lot! We could also call this a Half and Half lot as it contains about an equal amounts of parts and pieces to Finished Goods. There are some really attractive necklaces in here and there are a zillion bits and bobs! (There's more where this came from ya' future sales:)) 1 3173 10.00 12.00
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