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Category: JEWEL ART (10 records) Oct 24-25 Hybrid Estate Sale in South Knoxville: Online Auction + Tag Sale
- AUCTION CLOSES SATURDAY, Oct 24th Starting 7 PM. Pickup is Sunday, Oct 25th. Preview and Pickup by Appointment
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196.1t.jpgArtwork #1 made entirely from Costume Jewelry! This one has a pretty tall, narrow tree on a frame measuring 16" x 34". Very good condition! 2 7800 15.00 17.00
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197.1t.jpgPair of Artworks made from Costume Jewelry. These show 2 different trees but they are in matching frames. 20" x 25" in very good condition.(#2) 5 5749 55.00 60.00
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198.1t.jpg"The King & Queen Tree" a signed Artwork made entirely of Costume Jewelry, 19" x 23" the Jewelry includes rare Trifari King and Queen Broaches which were left intact since they have a value of several hundred dollars alone. Very good condition. (#3) 5 7396 100.00 110.00
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199.1t.jpg"The Purple Tree" a signed artwork made entirely of Costume Jewelry (#4). It measures 12" x 24" in the frame and is in very good condition. As the name suggests it's pretty purple! 4 7800 25.00 30.00
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200.1t.jpgA smaller Costume Jewelry Artwork (#5) of a Tree with lots of green and blue, nicely housed in a 13" x 15" frame. 2 5749 22.00 24.00
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201.1t.jpgDelightful Costume Jewelry Artwork (#6) made from a super mix of Flower & Leaf Pins, with an amphibian in there, too. Whimsical and fun! 19" x 23" 5 1809 35.00 40.00
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202.1t.jpgPAIR of Costume Jewelry Artworks (#7), both trees, but with Peacock looks to them. The taller is signed by the artist on the back and called 'Peacock Tree'. 10" x 22" and 13" x 16", very good condition. 4 7212 22.00 24.00
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203.1t.jpg"Papi's Tree" a signed Artwork (#8) made entirely of Costume Jewelry. This one is very densely packed and thick with beads etc. 18" x 22" in very good condition. 2 1809 17.00 19.00
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204.1t.jpgStriking Artwork (#9) made entirely of Costume Jewelry. This one is in a shadowbox frame under glass and there is an awesome Cat image on the bottom of the tree, plus a Moon over the top.        
Sold via BuyNow to bidder 1809
205.1t.jpg"Pearl and Amber Tree" a signed Artwork made entirely of Costume Jewelry WITH battery powered blinking lights built in! 11"x 24" in good working condition. 3 4748 22.00 24.00
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