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Seven Seas Estate Sales
October 16-17 Hybrid Estate Sale in Oak Ridge, TN: Now Open; Closes Friday, Oct 16th at 7pm -

Item Description
1.Vintage Drexel Heritage Sofa with striped upholstery. 90" long x 38" deep x 24" tall. It is very soft and good sturdy condition with light wear to the top cushion.
2.Matched PAIR of Drexel Heritage Upholstered Armchairs with tan velvety upholstery that has medium wear. 31" wide x 30" deep x 29" tall.
3.Solid Mahogany Oval Table with a Craved Elephant Base & a Glass Protector. 32" wide x 22" deep x 21" tall. In good sturdy condition and the wood is pretty though a little discoloration on the back edge due to sun exposure.
4.Massive Vintage Stereo Speaker called "The Marquis" by Electro Voice. 19" wide x 15" deep x 29" tall. In a beautiful solid wood cabinet, though not hooked up and untested.
5.Fun Mid Century Wooden Arm Chair with Yellow Vinyl Upholstery in good overall condition. 24" wide x 23" deep x 31" tall.
6.Original Sculpture of an Oak Ridge Resident by Nationally known artist Margaret Congdon. Comes with a newspaper clipping from the Oak Ridger about the artist. The material appears to be plaster. 18" tall in good condition with a few tiny flakes off the patina.
7.Original Abstract Expressionist Oil Painting by local Oak Ridge Artist, Barbara de Saussure. 20" x 24" unframed. Signed bottom left in good condition all though there is cracking in the paint.
8.Unsigned Framed Original Abstract Painting, singled matted & housed in a mahogany frame. 25" x 29".
9.Stone Ba Relief of a Mayan Warrior it is housed in a wormwood frame. 12" x 15" overall. In very good condition.
10.Trio of Vintage Ceramic Works by Local Artists, Margaret & Sam Thompson. Two are small oval ceramic images of plants, with plant name. these two are in 5" square frame & the larger 9" impression of a plant on a more rugged ceramic free hanging plaque. All in good condition.
11.Pretty Ceramic Plaque on Barnwood of an Impression of a Plant signed Loki which is the mark for Oak Ridge Artist Peg Heddleston. 3.5" wide x 10" tall. In very good condition.
12.Extraordinary Large photo entitled "Farmer of the Nile" signed Arthur Mahull(?) marked 1975/80 print #4. Singled matted and housed in a nice wood frame. 22" x 26".
13.Extraordinary PAIR of Cast Cat Andirons with a multi light candelabra included. The cats have cat glass marbles for eyes. 16" tall x 7" wide x 16" deep. In good condition, though dusty.
14.Antique Copper Coal Bucket with Blue & White painted porcelain handles. The handles attach on the side with a lion head medallion. In very good condition with a few dings and a nice patina. 14" wide x 17" deep x 18" tall.
15.Portfolio of 8 Paintings by Grandma Moses produced by Art in America. In very good condition and comes in the original cardboard box and includes an appreciation by John Canady. 15" x 21" overall.
16.Framed Original Abstract expressionist Oil Painting by Barbara de Saussure, an Oak Ridge artist. Signed bottom right, dated 1980. 31" x 43". In very good overall condition with just some crackling in the thick paint.
17.Beautiful Mid Century Console Piano by Kimball in an oak cabinet in beautiful condition. Manufacture date is 1962 and a technician card is placed inside to show it was kept in tune over many years. All the ebony and ivory are in very good condition as well as the cabinet. Comes with a bench full of sheet music. You can get it out of the house via two small steps.
18.Signed Original Watercolor of Pretty Flowers Signed bottom right, L Pflasterer. Double matted & housed in a pretty gold frame. 17" x 21" overall.
19.Framed Engraving of Birds in Flight by George Braque with a COA from the Collectors Guild. It is housed in a silver wood frame. 16" x 20" in very good condition.
20.Framed Lithograph of L'Amour De La Nature by Marc Chagall with a COA from the Collectors Guild.
21.Adorable Oval Three Drawer Chest with hand painting and four cabriolet legs. 16" wide x 13" deep x 26" tall, very good condition.
22.Encyclopedia Britannica 30 Volumes in very good condition. 15th Edition from 1979.
23.Story of Civilization by Will & Ariel Durant. In 11 volumes plus a 12th volume titled "Lessons of History". Published by Simon & Schuster 1954. All in very good condition. Volumes 9-11 and the extra book have their original dust jackets.
24.The 2nd World War & The History of the English Speaking People by Winston Churchill. All in very good condition. The World War 2 set is 6 Volumes from 1948, they all have their dust jackets. The History of the English Speaking people has its original shelf sleeve from 1956.
25.24 Volume Set of The Works by Mark Twain. Published by Harper and Brothers. All in very good clean condition.
26.Lot of 10 Collectible Steins with Logos from Universities, Olympics, and more. Notable ones include; Cal Tech, the city of Oak Ridge & University of Michigan
27.Lot of 7 Collectible Mugs in pewter, wood, ceramic, & glass. Includes a fun Imperial Porcelain with images of bears, and goss china mug with a riffle for a handle.
28.Lot of 6 Collectible Mugs & Steins including; some from Budweiser, two from Lowenbrau; the Bud Man is Will's fav.
29.Medium Original Abstract Expressionist by local Oak Ridge Artist, Barbara de Saussure. 23" x 29". Signed bottom right in good condition.
30.Signed Original Needlepoint of a Classical Egyptian design with hydroglphys. Signed RS, dated 1979. Housed in a gold frame. 19" x 22" in a mazing condition
31.Signed Framed & Numbered Print of a Log Cabin in the Snow titled "Winter Escape" by John M Drury. Signed bottom right, dated 1970. #87 of 100. Single matted in a gold wood frame. 21" x 30"
32.Vintage Pool Table by Recreation Products with original receipt from 1976. It appears to have wooden table top with legs that are easy to remove. Comes with balls, rack, & cues. The felt is in very good condition. Overall dimensions are 55" wide x 96" long x 32" tall.
33.Large Framed Mirror with a beautiful handcarved wooden Frame. 32" x 55".
34.PAIR of Barrel Back Chairs with shiny upholestry. 31" wide x 28" deep x 27" tall. In good condition.
35.Vintage Reading Improvement Educational Program. Comes with lots of manuals & reading tools.
36.Antique Four Drawer Chest with a mirror on a lyre frame. It has beautiful "book match" veneer on the drawer fronts & all the original hardware. 43" wide x 19" deep x 72" tall. In good condition, though a few dings on the veener.
37.Vintage Pfaltzgraff Lamp on a wooden base with pleated shade. 26" tall overall.
38.Harmony 6 String Guitar in very good condition with a steel reinforced neck, with pick guard. Marked Model F66N on the interior with a soft shell case.
39.Pretty Painted Small Wooden Cabinet with one drawer over two doors. 15" wide x 11" deep x 27" tall. In very good condition with just a few specks of paint missing.
40.Oak 10 Drawer Chest with Mirror. It has a pecan finish and all the original hardware. We have the original receipt from Richs of Knoxville. The chest measures 64" wide x 21.5" deep x 33" tall. The mirror hangs independtly and is 36" x 46". One end of the dresser has substantial wear to the finish. Though still solid as a rock!!
41.Oak Two Drawer Nightstand with heavy paneled drawers. 26" wide x 16" deep x 25" tall. In good clean condition.
42.Matching Dresser to #40 with three drawers over four. All original hardware and good finish overall. 42" wide x 21.5" deep x 47" tall.
43.Beautiful Antique Sleigh Bed. The mattress is 55" wide and 75" long. The frame is 57" wide x 84" long x 40" tall. It has beautiful burl venner, especially on the curved parts of the ends.
44.Pendleton Great Smoky Mountains Park Blanket with all the original labels in good condition. About 80" wide x 90" long.
45.PAIR of Vintage Chatham Western Camp Blankets.
46.Rare 1960 First Edition "Poster Dress" designed by Harry Gordon. This one has the cat design.
47.Groovy Bold Bright 1960's Lined Dress with Sheer overlay. It is 12" from arm opening to opening and 32" from collar to hem. In very good condition.
48.US Military Uniform Wool Coat with lots of patches and buttons. Measures 15" seam to seam across the shoulder and 33" long.
49.1970's Bob Stone Pant & Shirt Set. Very Funky design in a print of hands holding jewels
50.Coolest Lot of Ties we have ever sold!! Includes 16 designer ties from the 60's & 70's with outrageous design. Ralph Lynn, Dior, Princepe, George Machado, Ellen Ward, and others. Be sure to look for the tie on Nuclear Physics.
51.PAIR of Totally Groovy Wig Boxes with Styrofoam heads & wigs.
52.Super 70's Sleeper Sofa with the original yellow striped upholstery in remarkable clean condition. 69" wide x 34" deep x 30" tall. The sleeper itself is just under 60" wide.
53.Eight Drawer Chest in Solid wood from Tennessee Furniture. In good solid condition with minor scuffing. 50" wide x 19" deep x 35" tall.
54.New Home Sewing Machine #445 in good working condition with a box of accessories.
55.Leopold Six Drawer Office Desk with the original receipt & papers from 1969. It has a solid wood body & drawers, while the top was made in a mahogany formica which has kept the desk in very nice condition with no chips or scratches. 50" wide x 30" deep x 29" tall.
56.Classic Toleware Lamp in green with gold trim and a milk glass shade. 30" tall in very good overall condition.
57.Topcon Super DM Camera Body with original manual and instructions. Includes a 940597 RE Auto-Topcor 1:1.4 f=5.8cm Tokyo Kogaku Japan Lens. Winds and releases. Body has some wear though in good shape.
58.Topcon RE Super with a Soligor Tele-Auto 1.3.5 1=200mm, # 1882949 & a # 940597 RE Auto-Topcor 1:1.4 f=5.8cm Tokyo Kogaku Japan Lenses. The camera winds and releases. A few scuffs to the body though generally good condition.
59.A PAIR of Topco Lenses & 3 cases of Filters. There is a Topco 1:2.8 F=145mm & a 1:4.7 F=87~205mm. About 16 filters in all.
60.Large Lot of Lenses that fit Topcon Cameras. This lot includes; a tele-astranar 400mm with case, a Soligor 135mm, a Carenar 28mm, a Hanmex Telezoom, Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 80mm, a vivtar 500mm, and a lot of Spiratone lenses and filters.
61.Another Lot of Lenses with smaller diameters. Includes; Tokina 100mm, Enna 24mm, Tessar 40mm, & a Spriatone 35mm.
62.Lafayette Spotting Scope 30 x 60 with a field of 1.4". Comes with original leather carrying case.
63.Wollensak f/4.5 Camera Lens with mounting.
64.Edinec Wirgin Compur-Rapid Camera in a case in good clean condition. Winds and releases. The body is in good clean condition.
65.Seagull Hai Du 203-I Bellows Camera in very good condition in a leather case.
66.1930-1940's Voigtlander Bessa Folder Rangefinder that shoots 120 film with a leather case. Winds and releases. In very good clean condition.
67.Agfaisolotte II Rangefinder Compact Horizontal Folding Camera. In good clean condition.
68.Zeiss Ikon Telma Folding Rangefinger with 11mm lens and a leather case in very good condition.
69.Zeiss Ikon Compur Rapid Horizontal Folding Rangefinder in good condition with no case.
70.Box Lot of Camera Filters & other accessories. About 15 filters, rings & other items.
71.Box Lot of Camera Accessories with filters, rings, calculator, color adapters, etc.
72.Huge Box Lot of Camera Flashes & Tripods.
73.Two Box Lots of all kinds of Flashbulbs. Several kinds and brands that appear to fit many cameras.
74.Topcon Double Rail Bellows Model 3 in original box. Includes; Picon 100mm lens on one end.
75.Lafayette Planetarium in the original box
76.Signed & Framed Original Watercolor of a Corner of a Building. Housed in a silver metal frame and in very good overall condition. Initialed on the front and signed on the back with the date of 1988. Titled "The Bounty". 23" x 31".
77.Signed & Framed Pencil & Watercolor of Butterflies by DL Powell. Double matted and housed in a gold metal frame. 21" x 25"
78.Original Lithograph by Hoi, signed bottom right #207 0f 275 with the COA from the Collectors Guild. Singled matted in a wood frame with gold accent.
79.PAIR of Collectible Mugs by Kindell. Each one has a nude woman as a handle.
80.PAIR of Red Dansk pieces. One Rectangular casserole Dish and a matching pitcher. The casserole dish has scratches to the red, though the white interior is fine. The pitcher has scratches on the red and the woven part of the handle is unraveling.
81.Drumm Four Quart Casserole that is cast aluminum in very good overall condition.
82.Personalized Poster with an image of Mina and Moni Yakima. It is signed by both of them, as well as by Karen Bailey, the artist who drew the image. The Yakima taught at Julliard and taught many actors the craft of performing.
83.Antique New Home Sewing Machine in a gorgeous Antique Oak Cabinet on a Cast Iron Treadle Base with 'New Home' lettered on both sides. The Oak Cabinet has 4 drawers with miscellaneous supplies inside. The machine raises and lowers easily when you open and close the side extension. Very good condition, 33" wide x 19" deep x 30" tall.
84.Fun 60's White Wooden Bench with Three Color Vinyl Pillows. There is some wear to the vinyl and the 60's style is worth a refresh. 65" wide x 19" deep x 19" tall.
85.Lot of Ancient Pottery Including a Pot believed by family members to be Pre-Columbian, and several shards. The pot is 5" x 5". It has been repaired.
86.Antique Westing House Canister Vacuum with bags & accessories. Powers on and looks like a rocket ship.
87.Giant Lot of Electron Tubes with many in original boxes. The lot fills 5 small boxes and has some extras beyond that.
88.Antique Transitone Wooden Radio with 1926-1938 Radio Diagrams book. The radio appears to have its guts. The cabinet is in fair condition and needs a good cleaning with a little water damage on one side.
89.Antique Tube Tester in a Carry Case that is in another carry case with tubes and supplies. The tube tester is a Signal Core US Army Combination Tester Triplett Model "1183-SC, Type SC, part of Test Set I-56-J" Untested
90.Victor Model 25AC Animatophone, 16MM Movie Projector in the original case. Remarkably this older unit has sound and appears complete. The cabinet has seen better days. Untested, as is
91.Bell & Howell Film O Sound Specialist in the carrying case. It appears to be in clean condition, yet not tested. Model 399.
92.Shelf Lot of Life Magazines with some Kennedy & Apollo and other goodies. Most issues from the 60's to the 70's.
93.Shelf Lot of Theatre Arts Magazines from the 40's to early 50's.
94.Shelf Lot of Photography and Popular Photography Magazines from the early 50's. They are worth buying just for the bathing suit shots.
95.Lot of MiniCam & Complete Photographer Magazines. The MiniCam's date from the 30's & The Complete Photographer includes issues 1-10 from 1941.
96.Antique Leonard Fridge in reportedly working condition, though we did not check.
97.Antique Solid Wood Bookshelf with adjustable shelves. Super sturdy , though needs a paint job. 68" wide x 15" deep x 47" tall. Books not included.
98.Oldest Light Fixture that we have ever seen. It has a body that has white enamel on the outside and blue enamel on the inside. It is by Keystone Electric and runs on 110. Buyer will need to disconnect.
99.War Era Industrial Table Lamp. It is dusty though working condition. No markings. It has a heavy metal base. 18" long with adjustable height.
100.Unusual Health O Meter Scale by Continent Scaleworks. It looks it should be a store scale but it's built like a scale to weigh yourself on. Dirty but working condition.
101.Antique Rabbit Ear TV Antenna. Looks like it's made of Bakelite and the antenna looks like an electrical component from the original Frankenstein movie.
102.Antique Remington Rand Typewriter Model Seventeen with cover.
103.Kenmore Model 16 Chest Freezer. Good working condition with original receipt from 1991.
104.Lot of Two Children's Knowledge Book Sets from the Golden Press including; the Golden Treasury of Knowledge and the Golden Knowledge Encyclopedia. They are all in generally good condition. Copyright is 1961.
105.Genuine Paul Winchell's Ventriloquist Jerry Mahoney Doll with a "How to be a Ventriloquist" booklet. The doll is in fair condition as a creature has chewed on his legs. His plastic head and mouth are in good shape.
106.Adorable War Era Oak Ridge Bookshelf with pink & blue doors on each side. 48" long x 9.5" deep x 36" tall. Items on the shelf not included.
107.Oak Ridge Dormitory Chest with Two over Two Drawers in the base & a 2-door Cabinet on top, with adjustable shelf inside. This piece is in the best condition of all the ones we've had in OR over the year! 31" wide x 21" deep x 43" tall.
108.Matching War Era Dormitory Desk with a cabinet on each end with adjustable shelves on each side. The top might not be original. 57" long x 24" deep x 30" tall.
109.Another Oak Ridge Dormitory Chest with 6 drawers. In very good clean condition. 31" wide x 21" deep x 29" tall.
110.Antique Wooden Childs Desk with 4 Drawers. It looks War Era though we are uncertain. 36" wide x 21" deep x 30" tall.
111.Nylint 6200 Kennels Truck with full bed of dogs in the back. It is a little dusty though very good condition. The hinge pins on the plastic covers have issues.
112.1930's Lewis Marx Antique Tin Toy Car. Appears to be complete with minimal rust other than the bottom. 16" long
113.Tammy Doll in original box by Ideal with original carrying case. The case has good hinge and clip. There are a small number of accessories. The original box dated 1962 is in pretty good shape with solid corners and one tear. #9000-1
114.A 1963 Skipper in her 1964 Skipper Carrying Case with extras. Including; hats, outfits, etc inside.
115.Bell Clanger Green Mountain Express Vintage Battery Powered Tin Toy.
116.Huge Lot of 8 & 16mm Films. Titles include Atomic Furry, Charlie Chaplin's Laughing Gas, Puss & Boots and many others. There are some empty original boxes, thoughthe films may now be in some of the unmarked tins. Some of the tins are empty too. There are at least two dozen films and at least that many empty reels as well.
117.Silver Streak Vintage Sled in very clean condition with rope. 59" long.
118.Veseler Model 23 Photographic Enlarger with a universal color head and lots of accessories. There are extra lenses and filters with two paper holder products.
119.Lot of Photographic Dark Room Developing Supplies with several styles of agitators. Color Print processor and a print washer.
120.Magnificent Antique Hardwood Carved Chinese Chair. 28" wide x 23" deep x 36" tall. The back has a long coil dragon and each arm is a dragon head. The legs feature wood carved bats. A really unique chair.
121.Sony Reel to Reel Tapecorder. Model# TC-200a with a stack of home recorded tapes.
122.Mamiya M645 Camera and Lens with a leather carrying case. Includes the extra handle, light meter, flash, spring release. The camera body is in good condition with no physical damage.
123.Busch Pressman Bellows Camera. It appears to have a good sturdy bellows and comes with a wollen sak 101mm F/400.5 lens with three film holders.
124.Keystone Criterion Model A9 16mm. Film Movie Camera in good clean condition with a leather carrying case.
125.Nikonoio ll 35mm underwater film camera with a zipper case.
126.Exakta Varex German Film Camera with a zeiss biotar f=1.5mm Lens. Comes with a leather cover in good clean condition.
127.Stereorealist 35mm 3D Film Camera in good condition.
128.Besler Topcon Camera with an Auto-Topcor 1:1.8 f=58mm lens. In good physical condition though there is a dent on the top. It does wind and release.
129.The RCA Victor Encyclopedia Recorded Jazz 12 Albums. 10" albums and the set is complete
130.Service for 6 in Midwinter Stoneware that has a country blue gloss finish with the brown stoneware. Dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cups & saucers.
131.Alligator Skin Purse with a baby alligator in very good condition.
132.Very Antique Ladies Handbag with metal frame and steel beading decorations. Very popular at the Paris Worlds Fair in 1900, which features items made of steel.
133.The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien, 1st American Edition, Copyright 1977. In very good condition with the original dust cover.
134.Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Book & Record. The book is marked 1st printing 1969 and the record is 1968.
135.Antique Electro-Voice Tube Radio in a Metal Case. Appears to be complete, though needs a new cord.
136.Knoxville My Hometown the Famous 45 Record issued by Elm Hill Meats. In good condition with minor scratches.
137.Impressive Stereoscope with an impressive set of slides, a book on stereoscopes. There are also some blank cards and printed items our client made to produce his own slides.
138.Old But Unorganized Stamp Collection which includes Captain Tim's Stamp Album, a 1901-1916 International Album, and three cigar boxes full of random stamps.
139.Lot of 6 Hilalrous Comic Book Jackets by Reginald Leister. Like Self Taught Forgery, Head Shrinking for Beginners, and more.
140.Collection of Vintage Children's Clothing Hangers. One assortment is wooden with dogs & cats and the other is plastic with ducks & bunnies.
141.Collection of Oak Ridge Items including; the 1962 Reactor Controls Directory; the 1992 "The Way It Was" Calendar' and a Playhouse Ticket from the Ebert Auditorium Dedication.
142.PAIR of Recurve Archery Bows including a Pearson Bushmaster and a Vought Wing Chaparral. Used condition, a little rough, yet in working condition.
143.Ansel Adam Poster and 3 Ansel Adam Books. The poster commemorates a 1974 exhibition. The Books include his autobiography, "The Eloquent Light, and "The Portfolio".
144.Two Picasso Posters from Lambert Studios including; Le Petite Fleur & Dance of Peace. They are both 21" x 27". In very good condition.
145.PAIR of Beautiful Oriental Themed Block Prints Called Silent Times and Thunder Morning by RP Kaufman. They are both signed and numbered though they seem to have slipped in the frames and need to be straightened out. 11" x 19"
146.Artist Print Entitled Cybernetic Circle by Wayne Bennett in 1972. Housed in a silver frame. 20" x 24"
147.Signed Original Oil on Canvas entitled "Girl in Blue" signed by Tennessee artist Janie McWhorter. Housed in a painted wood frame. 17" x 29".
148.Signed Original Oil on Board Titled "Missouri Landscape" by Illinois Artist Gary Sage. Signed bottom right, Housed in a painted wood frame. 19" x 20".
149.Framed Poster of a Picasso Exhibition from Paris 1985. Housed in a metal frame. 15" x 23" in very good condition.
150.Signed Original Oil Painting by Gary Sage of Illinios. Housed in a painted wood framed. 20" x 26".
151.Signed Original Decorative Photo Titled "Midnight Watch" by Dot Domsic. Housed in a painted wood frame. 19" x 23" in very good condition.
152.Signed Original Pencil Drawing we believe its titled "Spooks" by Jim Coiner, a surrealist artist from West Virginia. Housed in a black wood frame. 14" x 16" in very good condition.
153.De Ve Painted Porclein Coffee Grinder from Holland. Complete with the square cup underneth. In great condition.
154.Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator Freezer. Model ED25POXF902. Manufactured in 1999. In good clean working condition and frost free.
155.Whirlpool Ultimate Care ll Quite Wash Commercial Plus Super Capacity Plus Washing Machine. Model#LSQ4543JTO. In good working condition.
156.Matching Whirlpool Commercial Quality Commercial Dryer in good clean working condition. Model #LER7646JTO.
157.Antique Iron Bell on a Steel Pole Stand in good working condition. Note that the buyer will need to bring a steel cutting saw.
158.Cute Wicker Chair with matching table in a three tone painted pattern. Overall good shape with a little wear.
159.Central Hydraulics 10 Ton Body Repair Kit Model 32746. designed for bending car frames & pulling dents from car panels.
160.Husky Electric Pressure Washer with hoses and sprayer. We believe it is in working condition, though untested. Model 2000s
161.C1 US 1976 Bicentennial Silver Proof Coin Set WITH Bicentennial Medal, both in original boxes. The Proof coins are all 40% Silver.
162.C2 US 1972 and 1973 Proof Coin Sets; the '72 is in the original box and the '73 is not.
163.C3 US Wheat and Memorial Penny Books including a FULL book from 1941-1962 with some additional years written in, and a 1959 all-Memorial book which has all but 2 coins up to 1979.
164.C4 1881-S US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar in approximately F Condition.
165.C5 1926 US Peace 90% Silver Dollar in approximately UNC Condition. Nice.
166.C6 Lot of 5 1957 Silver Certificates AND a 1928G 2 Dollar bill. The $1 notes have 57 57A and 57B
167.C7 Lot of 3 1963 US $5 Bills
168.C8 1980 and 1981 US Mint Proof Sets. These have the S mint mark and come with original boxes.
169.C9 1999 US American Eagle .999 Silver Bullion Coin in UNC Condition, in a Littleton package.
170.C10 2017 Canada $8 1.5ozt .9999 Silver Bullion Coin in BU Condition, straight from a tube.
171.C11 1962 US Mint Proof Set in the original envelope. Half, Quarter and Dime are 90% Silver.
172.C12 1963 US Mint Proof Set, still sealed in the original envelope. Half, Quarter and Dime are 90% Silver.
173.C13 1964 US Mint Proof Set, still sealed in the original envelope. Half, Quarter and Dime are 90% Silver.
174.C14 1881-S US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar in BU Condition. Came from tube; possibly MS Coin.
175.C15 1964 US Mint Proof Set without the original envelope but still sealed in plastic, and WITH 2 more 1964 Kennedy 90% Silver Half Dollars.
176.C16 2016-W US Silver Eagle Bullion Coin in 1 0zt of .999 Silver, slabbed and graded MS69 by PCGS in their First Strike series.
177.C17 US 1921 Morgan 90% Silver Dollar in approximately AU Condition, with some toning.
178.C18 US 1922 Peace 90% Silver Dollar in approximately UNC Condition.
179.C19 US 1927 Peace 90% Silver Dollar in approximately UNC Condition, with some toning.
180.C20 1934-D Peace 90% Silver Dollar in approximately UNC Condition, with some toning.
181.C21 1978 US Mint UNC and Proof Sets, both in original packaging.
182.C22 Lot of THREE Canada UNC Coin sets, from 1967, 1968 and 1969. The 1967 has Silver Commemorative Coins with Animals. All are still sealed the plastic issued by the Mint.
183.C23 Lot of TWO Canada UNC Coin sets, from 1970 and 1971
184.C24 US 1988 Silver Eagle Bullion Coin with 1 ozt of .999 Silver. It's in UNC Condition with some toning.
185.C25 1892 US Columbian Exposition 90% Silver Commemorative Half Dollar in approximately XF Condition.
186.C26 Lot of 9 US Washington 90% Silver Quarter with a complete run on dates and mints from 1941-1943-S. Most in F and VF condition.
187.C27 Lot of 10 US Washington 90% Silver Quarter with a complete run on dates and mints from 1944-1947. Most in F and VF condition.
188.C28 Lot of Hyperinflation era notes from YUGOSLAVIA. These include some of the highest denomination notes ever, with the highest at 5 Hundred Billion (500,000,000,000)Dinara. Many are in UNC or close condtion.
189.C29 Lot of approx 300 Unsearched Wheat Pennies - mixed dates and condition.
190.C30 Lot of just over 100 US Indian Head and Wheat Pennies, all gleaned from various containers around this client's house. There are 11 Indian Heads and almost 100 wheat.
191.C31 Lot of 20 1964 US Washington 90% Silver Quarters in AU and UNC Condition. Gleaned from a really old roll.
192.C32 Another lot of 20 1964; this lot is mostly XF and AU.
193.C33 Unsearched $10 Roll (40 Coins) of US Washington 90% Silver Quarters. The writing in pencil seems to indicate they are all 1964. The ones on the end we opened are.
194.C34 US 1921 Morgan 90% Silver Dollar in XF Condition with gorgeous toning; this would make a great piece for jewelry.
195.C35 1922 US Peace 90% Silver Dollar in approximately AU-UNC Condition.
196.C36 Lot of Four Types of US Half Dollars including Two 90% Silver Franklin Halves; 2 90% Silver Walking Liberty Halves; 1 1964 90% Silver Kennedy Half, and 2 40% Silver Kennedy Halves.
197.C37 Cleanup Mixed Lot of US Coins including 90% Silver Quarters and Dimes, plus some Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels. $1.60 face value in silver coins.
198.C38 1889 United Kingdom 1 Crown Coin in VF Condition. The coin is .925 Silver.
199.C39 1 Japanese and 1 Chinese Silver Coin. The Chinese Coin says 34th Year of Kuang Hsu, Pei Yang, with Chinese characters on the back and weighs 26.8 grams. The Japanese Coin is One Yen and it appears to have counter stamps on the reverse in between the flowers. It weighs 26.9 grams. These have not been professionally authenticated.
200.C40 Collector's Book of Foreign Coins, with all coins in flips with ID's and sorted by Country. Most are Europe and Canada. Good mix and lots of effort. About 180 Coins.
201.C41 1881-S US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar, slabbed and graded MS64 by PCGS in one of the old style holders
202.C42 1881-S US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar, slabbed and graded MS64 by PCGS in a newer holder.
203.C43 1882-S US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar, slabbed and graded MS64 by PCGS in an older style holder.
204.C44 1887 US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar, slabbed and graded MS64 by NGC.
205.C45 1887 US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar, slabbed and graded MS64 by PCGS in a newer holder.
206.C46 1899-O US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar, slabbed and graded MS64 by NGC.
207.C47 1908-S US Indian Head Cent in VG Condition. KEY DATE
208.C48 1871 US 2-Cent Coin in G Condition.
209.C49 1938-D US Buffalo Nickel in UNC Condition. A good one to buy just to see what they really are supposed to look like!
210.C50 1929-S US Standing Liberty 90% Silver Quarter in AU Condition.
211.C51 1896-O US Barber 90% Silver Half Dollar in VG Condition.
212.C52 1943 US Walking Liberty 90% Silver Half Dollar in AU Condition. Another good one to buy for comparison!
213.C53 1883 Hawaii 90% Silver Half Dollar in AU Condition. Low Mintage; hard to get.
214.C54 1883 Hawaii 90% Silver Dollar in XF Condition. Even lower mintage than the half!
215.C55 1878 US 90% Silver Trade Dollar in XF Condition.
216.C56 Lot of 30 US V Nickels, all with visible dates and a good variety.
217.Neutron Irradiated Dime from Oak Ridge Museum of Atomic Energy, in the original holder, WITH an Oak Ridge 50th Year Pin AND a Petwer Dish with a Bicentennial Half Dollar in the center.
218.J1 Awesome Lot of all Coin Themed Jewelry, including a Charm Bracelet with graduated sized coins; another bracelet with Egyptian coins (needs some easy fixing); and a great Tie Clip with 3 US Coins from early 1900's; another tie clip with a Roman coin, and more.
219.J2 Handmade Necklace by Ben Benjamin, beloved Oak Ridge Artist of many years. (We conducted a sale in his house on West Outer a couple years back. Think rocks) The necklace is made of a rough green stone and hand carved birds. 28" long, very good condition.
220.J3 Collection of Handmade Ceramic Jewelry including 3 from local artists (we can make out Christa Regan on one) and one from Central America. All in good condition.
221.J4 Southwestern Handmade and Signed Sterling Silver Belt Buckle, with Kokopelli images on the front. Signed WW Sterling on the back. Very good condition
222.J5 Lot of 7 Watches including 5 Men's Wrist Watches with a good running Eterna Windup; a Timex Automatic that's running; Helbros Quartz and others. There is also a small pocket watch on a chain and a women's J.Jill watch.
223.J6 Vintage Official Disney Mickey Mouse Watch by Lorus, model V615-6000. Needs a battery. Appears to have the original leather band and it probably needs updating.
224.Gorgeous Gillette Gold-Tone Shaving Razor in a wonderful compact holder, and with extra blades in the metal box inside. Looks like a million bucks.
225.J7 Lot of Six Beautiful Sterling Silver Necklaces, all with different pendants. Lots of Sparkle and mix of designs including Cross, 3 different Hearts and more.
226.Lot of Solid Sterling and Sterling-Handled Desk and Vanity Items, including a fold away Nail Kit on chain; Shoe Horn and nail items with Sterling Handles, and a solid Sterling Letter Opener from Mexico.
227.Lot of 6 Adorable and small Sterling Silver Vanity Items including tiny trays and a bowl. Most pieces are signed or Hallmarked and are in good overall condition. 5 Troy ounces Sterling total weight.
228.J8 Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with some extra Sterling Charms. The Bracelet has all US Military symbols on it; the extra charms are a mix.
229.J9 Sterling Silver Golf Ball and Tee Cufflinks AND a Sterling Golf Tee (maybe a tie pin?) marked Ranono Alegre Taxco.
230.J10 Lot of about 16 different Sterling Silver Necklaces and Bracelets, with many different sizes and styles, and all in good condition!
231.Extraordinary Sterling Silver Filigree Bird, set with colored enamel 'beads.' The bird has great detail and the colors are wonderful! About 5" long and 4" tall.

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